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Seamless Siding

Seamless Siding

Let MTC show you the obvious advantages to a seamless siding job. If you didn't know the process, basically, we make all siding products on site, in your yard.

We bring out a siding roll former, which is much like a seamless gutter machine, and custom make every panel on site, in any temperature. We offer 5 different profiles to allow for a wide variety of choices to the look of your home. We also offer about 40 different colors of product to appeal to even the most discriminating customer. Our seamless siding in both steel and aluminum will not mold, warp, chip, flake, chalk, peel, rust, sag, or melt, and comes with a 50 year warranty.

Seamless steel comes with a 4 mil pvc protective coating to eliminate paint scratching, and is a very durable product standing up very well against corrosion, dents and fading.

Seamless aluminum is a fairly new alloy that is much tougher than all the old aluminum that was installed 40 years ago. It also comes with a no-mar finish that also resists scratching and marring when scuffed. It also resists corrosion, dents, and fading.

All our seamless is very easy to maintain, requiring only a simple hosing to clean. Unlike the vinyl you have seen, our products are not porous, so it wont chalk, or collect dirt in the pore like vinyl. Seamless also expands at a rate of 1/8" in 60', while vinyl expands 3/8" in 12'.

Let us come and show you the product lines, and color choices available to you, touch and feel the products and decide for yourself, without any pressure, and free of charge. Call Chris at 1-800-498-3506.

Seamless Steel & Seamless Aluminum Siding vs. Vinyl Siding

Seamless Steel or Aluminum Siding

Professionally installed seamless steel siding will save time and money. Your home will look freshly painted year-after-year, be more energy efficient and virtually maintenance-free. Steel siding is perhaps the toughest, most durable, longest lasting siding presently available to homeowners. When compared to vinyl siding, steel rises to the top for many reasons. It is stronger and more durable. It stands up to bumps, dings, and dents. Another reason for using seamless steel siding is its longevity. With proper maintenance, seamless steel siding will last for decades. Steel Siding will not warp and resist fading.

EMCO Seamless Steel Siding EMCO Seamless Steel Siding
No Seams! 1 Piece Steel Siding No Seams! 1 Piece Steel Siding
Process of cutting the Siding Process of cutting the Siding

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding, on the other hand, expands and contracts at an alarming rate. It needs to be overlapped to allow for the movement of the siding creating ugly seams. Vinyl siding also cracks, fades and melts.

Vinyl has the tendency to sag for two reasons; 1. Poor install, 2. Poor quality of the siding.

Below check out some examples of old vinyl siding with the issues we have described above. You'll see the difference with the before and after photos. Feel free to call us if you have any questions regarding the difference between Steel, Aluminum and Vinyl siding.

Old Moldy Vinyl Siding Old Moldy Vinyl Siding
Multiple Seams with Vinyl Siding Multiple Seams with Vinyl Siding
Seamless Siding Machine Seamless Siding Machine